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The Old Sewing Shop is carrying on a family tradition. In 1986, Gabriele's mother started her own heirloom sewing business out of their living room and created a catalog by hand. She grew this small business into two brick and mortar storefronts and would do doll shows and craft supply expos. 

Her mother loved to sew, created patterns and collected antique clothes. She'd embroider with silk ribbon and smock garments that Gabriele wore when she was little.  She would pleat cloth for her customers using her Amanda Jane Pleater and would cut out yards of fabric when requested.  She loved to share her passion with others and offered help whenever possible.

Now Gabriele is the Main Fairy keeping her Mother's legacy alive. The Old Sewing Shop has a beautiful selection of goods in their inventory inspired by previous generations of sewers.  We intend to carry on the tradition of heirloom sewing to preserve it for future generations. A lot of patterns and books are out of print and are offered at great prices. 

Feel free to ask if there's something you need that is not on the website. We might be able to track it down for you.

E-mail us anytime with questions or requests for products:

Happy Sewing!

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