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Travel Rods for your pleater

Travel Rods for your pleater


These Pleater Rods are constructed from the finest hardwood dowels available in North America. Each rod is sprayed with two layers of protective coating and then sanded to a silky smooth finish. The 24" Travel Rod is perfect for the new Maxi Read pleater. They also come in lengths of 12, 18 or 36 inches.

Once you place a pre-order, I will follow up with an e-mail that will have an estimated delivery date.
  • 24" Travel Rods

    Each set consists of two rods of equal length. Each rod is equipped with a connecting pin covered by a removable safety cap at one end and a receptive port at the other end. To use, simply remove the safety cap from the end of one rod exposing the connecting pin and gently slide that pin into the receptive port of the other rod. The “Travel Rod” feature makes it very convenient and easy to travel with and store your pleater rod. At approximately half the size of a standard pleater rod you can carry your “Travel Rod” virtually anywhere, in your pocket, handbag, briefcase or luggage.
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