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Love & Stitches: Banded Diaper Shirt and Nappy Cover

Love & Stitches: Banded Diaper Shirt and Nappy Cover


Designed to fit infants 6-12 months

Banded applique edges add a new dimension to sewing. Do you love the look of a satin stitched edge on collars, cuffs and hems..... but never know when to pivot, fear trimming away fabric, or hate the white stabilizer "fuzzies" left along edges. Let designer Debbie Glenn show you all the products and techniques she uses to create beautiful satin stitched edges for Sew Beautiful magazine. Lessons begin with notebook samples; so that everyone from beginners to accomplished seamstresses will have an opportunity to practice and learn her easy and unique new method.

Mom's and Grandma's are sure to love this precious pique diaper shirt with it's gingham appliqued edge stitched band and matching button up nappy cover sure to keep baby singing sweetly all summer long.

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