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Old Fashioned Baby Sweet & Simple Daygown Collection

Old Fashioned Baby Sweet & Simple Daygown Collection

INFANT (7 16 lbs) Classic pattern for the cutest daygowns. Two tucks on either side of the front opening and underarm pleats for extra room and comfort. Classic styles suitable for both boy or girl babies. One has elbow length cuffed sleeve and a collar with tatting. The other features long sleeves trimmed with lace and a lace/entredeux neck. The Baby Boy Daygown is 16" long and has a straight sleeve and collar trimmed with piping. A delightful puddle duck is worked in shadow embroidery. The 18" daygown for Baby Girl is definitely feminine! Lace edging embellishes both sides and of the front facing, the neck edge and the 3/4" length puffy sleeves. The front opening makes dressing baby easy and each gown has a sweet embroidery design. All views are a joy to make and easy to sew!
Once you place a pre-order, I will email you with an estimated delivery date
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