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The Compleater Thread Box

The Compleater Thread Box

The “ComPleater Box” is the ultimate pleating machine companion. This fine, hand crafted wooden box is as much a work of art as it is a versatile device that makes pleating material a breeze. Hand sanded and treated with a durable finish, it will be protected to give years of service.
  • ComPleater Box

    The “nesting” platform is the ideal resting place for your pleating machine when not in use. You can pleat your material from this position (Fig. #1) or you can use the standard incline position (Fig. #2) or the alternate incline position (Fig. #3). The incline position allow you to view your material more easily, taking the stress off your neck and back as you are pleating. The alternate incline position also makes threading needles or changing needles a much easier process – no more needles bouncing across the table! The skid free feet hold the Box safely as placed. Your Box will hold a sufficient combination of large spools and bobbins of thread to match the number of needles, right under your pleater for compact storage and keep your threads in an organized manner. The unique thread guide allows you to place individual threads to prevent thread tangles. Though the guide always keeps your threads in place, it does not hinder the free flow of the thread from the spools. Your “ComPleater” Box comes with complete instructions on threading and tips on thread preparation. Made in Canada

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